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Standby Power/Fixed Turnkey Power Generation Units
Do you want to be absolutely, 100% sure that you’ll have power even if your utility fails? Not a problem. When it comes to turnkey, fixed units for standby power, Milton CAT is your source.

Milton CAT offers the most reliable solution for data centers, hospitals, office buildings, commercial and industrial complexes, and educational institutions. We carry the entire CAT line of power generation equipment and ancillaries, including switchgear, transfer switches and UPS.

You’ll get a project manager and a Parts and Service Sales Representative (PSSR) focused on your account, and you’ll be supported by a customer service agreement developed to fit your application. Our in-house expertise in the field of power generation and our knowledge of emissions regulations has no peer in the industry. With Milton CAT on your team, standby power is never a problem.

For more information please contact:

​Scott Martel
New England
(508) 634-5528
​Mike Dickerson
New York
(315) 703-7032