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Natural Gas Powered Generator
The new natural gas generator in the Milford yard.     ​ The natural gas connection on the side of the generator enclosure. ​    The natural gas generator leaves for its first rental. ​    The natural gas generator installed at a manufacturing facility.

The Milton CAT comprehensive lineup of power generators also includes a portable natural gas powered option. This 500kW unit is easy to transport to your site and allows you to take advantage of the abundant, well-priced natural gas in our region, while also complying with the strictest emissions regulations.

This environmentally attractive, cost-effective generator is available now at Milton CAT. Are you interested in buying or renting it? For complete information, please call 1-800-821-6412 to speak with a rental/sales representative.

For more information please contact:

Massachusetts/Rhode Island
Jeff Lusek
(508) 482-5714
New York
Dave Paddock
(315) 703-7079
Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont
Steve Woodcock
(603) 746-8711
All other states
Ed Loud
(508) 482-5704