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We’re ahead of the curve in the development of green power solutions that take into consideration our environment and our resources. At Milton CAT, “Green power” is more than a catchy name, it’s an attitude of respect and value that encompasses the entire power generation process and offers options such as cogeneration or CGP. Our experts are plugged into the latest news on the subject of emissions and can help you make sure you’re always in compliance with Tier 4 emission standards, and we can provide efficient and cost-effective retrofit options.

Beyond meeting current Tier 4 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, Milton CAT has taken the step to develop a unique, greener generator that’s specifically appropriate in environments where public opinion regarding environmental issues carries a big voice. With the Milton CAT GreEner generator, you’ll get:

  • Drastic reduction of emissions
         99% Particulate Matter
         90% Carbon Monoxide
         70% Hypercarbons
  • Containment of all engine fluids
  • Solar battery charging
  • Biodiesel fueled
  • Fuel overfill protection

For more information please contact:

Massachusetts/Rhode Island
Jeff Lusek
(508) 482-5714
New York
Dave Paddock
(315) 703-7079
Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont
Steve Woodcock
(603) 746-8711
All other states
Ed Loud
(508) 482-5704