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Emissions Compliance

Increased public awareness of the dangers posed by airborne pollution, tighter legislation, a fragmented regulatory environment, looming deadlines and the high cost of non-compliance explain the urgency of the emissions challenge. Potential damage to an institution’s public image often brings yet another layer of concern. As you search for the right answers, you can count on the expertise and the resources of your Milton CAT team.

Not for newcomers With its changing and challenging technical and political hurdles, navigating the emissions compliance landscape requires a degree of specialized knowledge and focus that doesn’t exist in most companies. Milton CAT has been in the power business for over fifty years. Our customers include some of the region’s largest hospitals, data centers and educational institutions, as well as well-known environmental engineering-consulting firms.

Staying ahead of emissions regulations so we can interpret them and help our customers find the right solution is our strength, and we have assembled and grown a team of experts that is unequaled in the region. They understand and support all brands of power generation equipment and can assist you at any stage of your emissions compliance project.

Complete range. When it comes to emissions, only one thing is for sure – every situation is unique and requires its own answer. Continuously researching, developing and maintaining access to a multitude of viable, compliant solutions requires a serious strategic and financial commitment. An established, successful and growing business, Milton CAT is perfectly positioned to offer that kind of support.

Selective Catalytic Reduction           Diesel Particulate Filter           Oxidation Catalyst    

Click on the images to learn more about some of the technologies that we use.

Product and Service Offering

• Active Diesel Particulate Filters
• Oxidation Catalysts
• Selective Catalytic Reduction
• Tier 4 Generators
• Emissions Testing
• Filter Cleaning
• State and Federal Regulation Interpretation
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Take A Closer Look

The following examples will give you an idea of the range of concerns, the variety of regulatory bodies and the breadth of our solutions.

Non-emergency engines including those used in Cogeneration, Peak Shaving and Demand Response often require the use of a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system – an after-treatment for NOx embedded in the generator package. The SCR injects urea into the exhaust system at temperatures above 300% Fahrenheit, the urea decomposes to form nitrogen and water, eliminating a high percentage of NOx emissions in the process. The systems and regulatory requirements are complex. Call us. We can help – from initial specification to retrofit.

A Massachusetts challenge – complying with rules affecting stand-by generator sets of all types. Do you have a visible smoke or odor issue with your generator? Have you received a notice of non-compliance from the Department of Environmental Protection regarding regulations for generator installation and operation? Remediating non-compliance can be daunting. We can work with you to develop an appropriate solution including turnkey installation of an active Diesel Particulate Filter, which traps more than 85% of the Particulate Matter (PM) and then burns it off. This method of remediation is often allowed by the DEP as a return to compliance RTC) strategy.

The EPA has strict emission regulations for prime power and non-emergency power for industries such as wood chipping, papermaking and aggregate plan operation, as well as for companies that do peak shaving. The Environmental Protection Agency’s National Emission Standards for Hazardous Pollutants (NESHAP) rules ask for monitoring and testing of emissions in those cases. The right solution can be to replace a muffler with an oxidation catalyst that converts carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and aldehydes into carbon dioxide and water.


Get in touch with us. When it comes to emissions, only one thing is for sure – non-compliance is expensive, both in terms of potential shutdowns and fines, and also from a public relations standpoint.

It doesn’t matter how unique and challenging your emissions-centered concern is, at which stage of your process you might be, or which brand of generator you’re using. We have the expertise and the resources to help you understand, research, develop and install the right solution. Call us. We’re here for you.

For more information please contact:

Sten Levin
(508) 482-5703