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Generator Connection Boxes

Because it will happen. Weather-related outages will hit the region. Cost-cutting utility companies will postpone repairs. Preventive tree pruning may be a thing of the past. But your customers still expect full, uninterrupted service from you. And if they don’t get it, they will turn to somebody else. Somebody better prepared to handle a power outage.

Be ready. A Milton CAT Generator Connection Box provides reliable, affordable assurance that you can stay up and running, without interruption, when using a mobile, emergency generator. Cable hook-up is safe, quick and easy – no confusing running of cables in the dark, or jerry-rigging in the middle of a storm once your electrician figures out what goes where. And no watching as your customers go away, your phones start to ring with upset callers, or your merchandise starts to spoil.

Standalone systems


MCGCB100 – for a quick, safe connection of a portable generator in the event of prime power loss.

MCGCB200 – MCGCB100 system with automatic transfer switch.

For use with a standby generator


MCGCB300 – for a second layer of backup to the standby generator in the event of anticipated power loss, or to be used as the primary back-up while servicing or load-testing the standby generator.

MCGCB400– MCGCB300 system with automatic transfer switch.


Once it’s installed, a Milton CAT Connection Box allows you to power up whenever you need, simply, quickly and safely. It offers: 

         • Cam-style inputs. 
         • Lockable rake systems reduce tampering and theft risks.
         • Completely bused with lugs. 
         • Custom-colored cables reduce improper hook-ups.
         • Sizes and configurations to fit all applications.

Perfect competitive edge.

Be the one who can meet customer needs, support their demands and provide them with what they want, in spite of weather emergencies, blackouts and power outages. You can do it. It’s quick, easy and safe. Don’t allow lack of power to drive a wedge of doubt into the relationship!

We look forward to talking to you.

Milton CAT has the resources, the manpower and the expertise to support the widest range of applications. Get in touch with us at your closest Milton CAT facility, or call your Power Solutions Representative. We’ll discuss which generator connection box is the most appropriate to fit your needs and make a plan to take the next steps.