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It's at the core.

CAT Certified Rebuild Programs are a unique option offered by Milton CAT. Rebuilding a Caterpillar machine makes sense because right from the start, CAT machines are built to be rebuilt. When most competitive equipment would require replacement, CAT equipment can be rebuilt to deliver another cost-effective and productive second life, which is one reason why CAT is the best equipment investment you can make.

Milton CAT has what it takes to be a CAT Certified Rebuilder, from a serious investment in equipment and technology to state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated, professionally trained staff. We are committed to complying to rigorous standards, and are ready to meet our customers’ needs, budgets and agendas, offering customized rebuilding and upgrading plans that fit different machine and jobsite requirements.

CAT Certified Rebuild Programs include Complete Certified Rebuild, where the entire machine is rebuilt, Certified Powertrain Rebuild, which is focused on the powertrain of your machine, as well as component rebuild options.

In addition, Milton CAT also offers numerous Emission Upgrade programs. Caterpillar emissions retrofit solutions are a perfect answer to increasingly strict emission requirements. These programs, available through Milton CAT, allow you to achieve immediate emission reductions; they minimize downtime, increase performance, and extend the life of your investment.

Milton CAT offers rebuild options on all major machine components. A Powertrain Rebuild restores the powertrain to like-new performance. Emissions upgrades are a perfect retrofit solution to strict new requirements.
 Component  Power Train  D8 on pile

The Life of a Rebuild
A Certified Rebuild includes replacement of approximately 7,000 parts and comes with the issuing by Caterpillar of a new machine identification number as well as warranty coverage.