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What is our philosophy with regard to safety?

At Milton CAT, we have a goal of zero accidents and injuries, and we strive daily to "Think Safety Act Safely".

Each day, Milton CAT employees leave their families and loved ones and work with pride for a quality organization that sells and supports a superior product. It is with that same pride that people, our most important resource, return home every day the same way as they arrived – with all their fingers, their toes and their good health.

How do we put that philosophy into practice?

Each individual worker is responsible for safety and everyone is reviewed annually for safe work practices. Top management, supervisors and front line employees work together examining every injury, accident and near miss to determine its cause and develop a corrective action. Milton CAT’s Corporate Environmental Health and Safety Department is in charge of the development, implementation and verification of effective training and programs that support workplace safety, health and regulatory compliance.

What are the results?

The focus on safety and health by everyone in the organization, across the board, has resulted in a work place injury reduction of 30% consecutively over each of the last three years.

How do we put that philosophy into practice in terms of our customers?

We implement our philosophy in several ways.

  • Information and training.

  • In the summer of 2007, Caterpillar rolled out its new web site SAFETY.CAT.COM. Milton CAT along with several other CAT dealers worked in an advisory capacity on this innovative web site that helps customers obtain the latest safety information on any piece of equipment that comes directly from Caterpillar

    This past February, SAFETY.CAT.COM in cooperation with the Vermont Department of Agriculture and Dave Conant of Conant’s Riverside Farms in VT, created a safety training video on the safe operation of compact equipment (Loaders, Skid Steers, and Tractors) in an agricultural setting.
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  • Active participation.  

  • Milton CAT is a member of the National Safety Council, Central MA Safety Council, Safety Council of Northern New England, VT Safety Council and the Safety Council of Central and Northern NY. Milton CAT, in conjunction with Caterpillar, assists customers, technical schools and regulatory agencies with obtaining safety training material and other technical expertise on equipment issues. In the past three years Milton CAT, in association with the NY Department of Labor, has hosted Annual MSHA Refresher Training with over 60 different companies participating.