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Truck Driving Legacy Celebrates Three Million Miles

Jason Williams of Jason Williams Trucking, LLC, a Weare, NH, based company, recently celebrated passing the 3 million mile mark on his 1986 CAT 7FB 400 truck engine. As the first driver to reach 3 million miles in our territory, Milton CAT hosted a congratulatory lunch for Jason and his family at the New Hampshire Peterbilt located in Bow, NH.

The Williams family is a truck driving family through and through. Jason’s brother, Ed Williams explained, “Driving is all we’ve ever known.” Their legacy began with their father, Calvin Williams, and their uncle, Walt Williams Sr., and a 1929 Model TT Ford. Calvin shared all the lessons he learned in his 67 years of driving with his sons. With 30 years of experience under his belt already, Jason is following in his dad’s tire tracks. “From the very beginning he loved driving. If there was a truck around, he was in it,” Jason’s mother, Lois, recalled of her son. Jason has carried on his father’s legacy as owner-operator for the past 22 years.

Throughout his career, Jason has hauled a variety of materials, but currently hauls hay with his CAT-powered Peterbilt. In the 7 years that he has owned the truck, Jason has overhauled the engine twice. He does 95% of the work himself along with his family and friends including his brother, Ed, and Richard Merrill of Precision Diesel in New Boston, NH. The condition of the engine showcases Jason’s passion for his job. “The interior of the engine is spotless,” Jason boasted. They have no plans to hit the brakes anytime soon and are confident that the engine will reach 4 million miles. “With the right care and maintenance this engine will run forever,” Richard added.

Rhonda Gelinas, Milton CAT’s commercial engine product support manager, organized the lunch at which Jason proudly displayed his engine. At the end of the meal, Rhonda presented Jason with a “Trucking is Life” plaque singed by everyone at the celebration. “It is a great honor to celebrate you as Milton CAT’s first 3 million miler customer and present you with this plaque as a symbol of your dedication. We are blessed with the family of TEPS dealers that we have. Thank you to New Hampshire Peterbilt for hosting such a great event with us, Milton CAT, and for having such loyal customers like you, Jason, that bleed yellow like me!  We hope to celebrate with you again when you reach 4 million miles! It was also a blessing to have met all the generations in your family that have supported you along your journey of achieving 3.3 million miles. Thank you very much on behalf of all of us at Milton CAT and NH PB.  We truly appreciate you!”

Thank you to Jason and his family. We are proud to support you and look forward to celebrating 4 million miles.









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