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PM102 Wheel Undercarriage Cold Planer

Product Description

The new PM102 with a wheel undercarriage combines enhanced production capabilities, optimized performance and simplified service to complete tough milling applications with productive results.

Rotor Assembly
Cutting Width
40.0 in
1000.0 mm
Maximum Cutting Depth
12.0 in
305.0 mm
Number of Cutting Tools
Engine Model
C7 with ACERT
Gross Power
225.0 hp
168.0 kW
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity
105.0 gal
400.0 L
Water Spray System
280.0 gal
1060.0 L
Operating Weight with full water tank
37705.0 lb
17100.0 kg
Shipping Weight with empty water tank
36160.0 lb
16400.0 kg
Conveyor System
Collecting Conveyor Speed
827.0 ft/min
252.0 m/min
Collecting Conveyor Width
21.6 in
550.0 mm
Discharge Conveyor Length
20.5 ft
6.3 m
Discharge Conveyor Width
23.6 in
600.0 mm
Discharge Conveyor Maximum Speed
827.0 ft/min
252.0 m/min
Discharge Conveyor Swing (from center)
41.0 Degrees
41.0 Degrees
Operating Length (conveyor up)
35.08 ft
10.7 m
Operating Width
6.5 ft
2.0 m
Maximum Operating Height
11.17 ft
3.4 m
Minimum Operating Height
7.67 ft
2.38 m
Maximum Truck Clearance
15.58 ft
4.8 m
Shipping Length - base machine
17.42 ft
5.33 m
Shipping Maximum Height
10.08 ft
3.1 m
Shipping Width
7.75 ft
2.4 m
Shipping Length - with conveyor folded
27.67 ft
8.5 m
Operating Specifications
Inside Turning Radius
6.6 ft
2.1 m
Maximum Travel Speed
3.9 mph
6.4 km/h
Operating Speed
89.0 ft/min
27.0 m/min

Optional Equipment

Automatic Grade and Slope System
Hydraulically Operated Canopy
High Pressure Washdown System
Water Tank High Capacity Refilling Pump
Roading Light Package

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