415F2 IL Industrial Loader

Product Description

The Cat® 415F2 IL Industrial Loader delivers performance, fuel efficiency, superior hydraulic system and an all new operator station.

Net Power – SAE J1349
68 hp
51 kW
Engine Model
Cat C3.4B
Gross Power – SAE J1995
74 hp
55 kW
Gross Power – ISO 14396
74 hp
55 kW
Rated Net Power @ 2,200 rpm – SAE J1349
68 hp
51 kW
Rated Net Power @ 2,200 rpm – ISO 9249
68 hp
51 kW
Rated Net Power @ 2,200 rpm – EEC 80/1269
69 hp
51 kW
Net Peak Power @ 1,800 rpm – SAE J1349
72 hp
54 kW
Net Peak Power @ 1,800 rpm – ISO 9249
73 hp
54 kW
Net Peak Power @ 1,800 rpm – EEC 80/1269
73 hp
54 kW
3.90 in
99 mm
4.33 in
110 mm
207 in3
3.4 L
Net Torque Rise @ 1,200 rpm
88 %
88 %
Net Peak Torque SAE J1349
307 lbf-ft
416 N·m
Engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.
Loader Bucket
Dig Depth – Standard
3 in
83 mm
Operating Weight – Maximum
17637 lb
8000 kg
Operating Weight – Minimum
14035 lb
6366 kg
Operating Weight – Maximum (ROPS Capacity)
17637 lb
8000 kg
359 lb
163 kg
Air Conditioning
101 lb
46 kg
MP Bucket (1.00 m3/1.31 yd3) – (with fold-over forks)
2018 lb
915 kg
MP Bucket (1.00 m3/1.31 yd3) – (without fold-over forks)
3622 lb
1642 kg
Front Counterweight – Counterweights (Option 1)
255 lb
115 kg
Front Counterweight – Counterweights (Option 2)
530 lb
240 kg
Front Counterweight – Counterweights (Option 3)
1015 lb
460 kg
Rear Counterweight
198 lb
90 kg
Power Shuttle Transmission – Standard: Forward – 1st
3.4 mph
5.4 km/h
Power Shuttle Transmission – Standard: Forward – 2nd
5.5 mph
8.9 km/h
Power Shuttle Transmission – Standard: Forward – 3rd
13 mph
20 km/h
Power Shuttle Transmission – Standard: Forward – 4th
23 mph
36 km/h
Power Shuttle Transmission – Standard: Reverse – 1st
3.4 mph
5.4 km/h
Power Shuttle Transmission – Standard: Reverse – 2nd
5.5 mph
8.9 km/h
Power Shuttle Transmission – Standard: Reverse – 3rd
13 mph
20 km/h
Power Shuttle Transmission – Standard: Reverse – 4th
23 mph
36 km/h
Hydraulic System
Closed Center
Pump Type
Variable Flow, Axial Piston
Pump Capacity @ 2,200 rpm
33.0 gal/min
125 L/min
System Pressure – Hitch/Box Scraper
2973 psi
20500 kPa
System Pressure – Loader
2973 psi
20500 kPa
Axle Ratings
Front Axle, 4WD – Static
50582 lb
22964 kg
Front Axle, 4WD – Dynamic
20233 lb
9186 kg
Rear Axle – Static
50582 lb
22964 kg
Rear Axle – Dynamic
20233 lb
9186 kg
Service Refill Capacities
Cooling System with Air Conditioning
4.4 gal
16.5 L
Fuel Tank
42 gal
160 L
Engine Oil with Filter
2.3 gal
8.8 L
Transmission – Power Shuttle: 2WD
4.0 gal
15 L
Transmission – Power Shuttle: 4WD
4.0 gal
15 L
Rear Axle
4.4 gal
16.5 L
Rear Axle – Planetaries
0.4 gal
1.7 L
Front Axle (4WD)
2.9 gal
11.0 L
Front Axle (4WD) – Planetaries
0.2 gal
0.7 L
Hydraulic System
23.8 gal
90.0 L
Hydraulic Tank
10.6 gal
40 L
Requires ultra-low sulfur fuel less than or equal to 15 ppm fuel sulfur
Front Wheel
Power Steering
2.6 in
65 mm
4.7 in
120 mm
Rod Diameter
1.4 in
36 mm
Axle Oscillation
Turning Circle – 2WD/4WD (inner wheel not braked): Outside, Front Wheels
26.8 ft
8.18 m
Turning Circle – 2WD/4WD (inner wheel not braked): Outside, Widest Loading Bucket
36.0 ft
10.97 m
Standard configuration of front/rear tires:
Front: 12.5 80/16.9; Rear: 16.9-24
No derating required up to 2286 m (7,500 ft).
Counterweights – Front (Minimum Recommendations)
Standard Stick: GP Loader Bucket – 4WD
255 lb
116 kg
Standard Stick: MP Loader Bucket – 4WD
no counterweight

Standard Equipment

Air cleaner
Alarm, back-up
Audible system fault alarm
Box Blade Controls, finger lever pilot
Battery, maintenance-free, 880 CCA
Battery disconnect switch
Battery remote jumpstart
Brace, lift cylinder
Brake, secondary parking
Brakes, hydraulically boosted, oil disc, dual pedals, interlocking
Bucket level indicator
Coat restraint
Coolant/antifreeze, extended life
Counterweight, bumper
Dome light (cab only)
Diagnostic port for engine
Differential lock, floor mounted
Differential lock, loader joystick
Drink holders, two
Engine, Cat C3.4B, meets Tier 4 Final emission standards, diesel particulate filter
Engine enclosure, sound suppression removal panels
Face seals, O-ring
Fan, suction and guard
Fast reversing shuttle, all gears
Fenders, rear
Filters, spin-on: fuel, engine oil, transmission oil, water separator
Filters, bowl and cartridge: hydraulic fluid
Flashing hazards/signal lights
Floor mat
Fuel tank, fully enclosed
Fully hinged front grill for cooling package cleaning access
Gauge cluster: coolant temperature, fuel level, torque converter temperature, battery voltage
Ground level fuel fill
High ambient cooling package
Hitch, rear 3-point
Hood lock, inside cab
Hydraulic hose, Cat XT™-3
Hydraulic oil cooler
Hydraulic oil level sight gauge
Hydraulic valve, hydrostatic steering
Hydraulic valves, loader 3 function
Hydraulic valves, rear 5 function
Hydraulics, load sensing with variable displacement piston pump
Indicator lights and LCD warnings for system status
Instrument panel lights
Key start/stop system
LCD screen with machine system information
Lights, working (2 front, 2 rear)
Loader, self-leveling, return-to-dig and transmission disconnect switch
Loader, single tilt
Mirror, rearview
Open circuit breather
Power receptacle, 12 volt, 2 internal, 2 external roof mounted
Power steering, hydrostatic
Seat belt, retractable, 75 mm (3 in)
Steering knob
Seat, mechanical suspension, fabric or vinyl cover, with armrest
Starting system, glow plugs
Steering, hydrostatic
Storage compartment, lockable
Storage tray
Stop and tail lights
Tires, 12.5/80-18 front, 16.9-24 rear
Toolbox, external, lockable
Torque converter
Throttle, foot, electronic
Transmission, four speed, syncromesh
Transmission neutralizer switch
Transport tie-downs
Four Wheel Drive
Warning horn, electric

Optional Equipment

Battery, additional, 880 CCA
Box, blade/scarifier
Cab, standard with air conditioning
Cold weather fuel (–30° C/–22° F)
Cold weather package, including additional battery, engine block heater, radiator antifreeze (–50° C/–58° F), cold weather fuel (–30° C/–22° F) and mounting for an ether bottle
Counterweights, 115 kg (255 lb), 240 kg (530 lb) or 460 kg (1,015 lb)
Counterweight, rear 90 kg (198 lb)
Dual tilt rear hitch
Face fan
Fenders, front with integral steps
Four Wheel Drive
Hydraulic valve, loader 3 function
Product Link™, satellite, PL631E
Product Link, cellular, PL641I
Radio and CD player
Radio and CD player, Bluetooth
Ride Control
Rotating beacon, magnetic mount
Security system keypad
Vandalism protection, gauge cover
Work Tool Attachments such as buckets, forks, and material handling arms. See your Cat dealer for more information.

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