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What It Takes

Powering your productivity is an ambitious pledge. To make it a reality requires serious investment and company-wide commitment. Take a closer look at how our service and support philosophy is implemented by the Milton CAT Product Support team. Across our territory, our facilities boast state-of-the-art tooling and equipment and offer a comfortable environment for our staff to conduct their work. The Milton CAT field service trucks are self-contained, fully-outfitted support units, allowing technicians to perform a wide range of functions at your site. Our standards for parts availability are unparalleled in the industry. We can fill 95% of your orders from inventory; the rest can be delivered the next business morning to your closest Milton CAT location.

Our electronic channel for quick and efficient access to Milton CAT resources is a great option for Milton CAT Power Systems customers. This very advanced set of tools offers 24/7 availability and includes PartStore, S-O-S online, Equipment Manager, Electronic Technician and SIS on the Web.

At Milton CAT, safety is a number one concern. With a goal of zero accidents and injuries we strive daily to “Think Safety; Act Safely.” The focus on safety and health by everyone in the organization has resulted in a work place injury reduction of 30% consecutively over each of the last three years.


But when all’s said and done, no matter how large the buildings, how advanced the technology and how modern the tooling, what really makes the difference is the human component. Behind the scenes as well as in personal contact with the customers, our staff works together to provide an outstanding experience, each and every time.

We hire and develop top people and we keep an outstanding group of specialized technicians. Delivered by Caterpillar-certified instructors, the rigorous Milton CAT in-house training program prepares them to handle and solve the toughest service challenges, efficiently and timely.