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Ahead of your challenges, behind your uptime.

At Milton CAT, we know that when it comes to buying machinery engines and worktools our customers have options. Yes, we’re proud of the equipment we carry and the top names we represent. Our reputation as a dealer, however, is built on something that weighs more than the most solid piece of iron – proven dedication to customer success.

How did we achieve that reputation? Good service and support require state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, expertly trained, specialized staff and no-excuses parts availability. For outstanding service and support, there’s another requirement – top to bottom, company-wide focus on the same goals. That’s the Milton CAT philosophy.

At Milton CAT, the Service and Support function is implemented to exceed your expectations and to ensure your convenience. That decision requires corporate commitment to provide flexibility and coverage. You’ll find that we offer a variety of programs so we can fit the needs of very different customers, ranging from the large regional construction company, the recycling facility, the logging operation and the paving company to the two-machine contractor, the family-run dairy and the landscaping firm, to name just a few. 

Your markets are not static; neither are your challenges nor your opportunities. As your needs evolve, your requirements change and your uptime becomes a more crucial competitive edge, we stand behind you.

Technology Laptops help to bring everything in the shop to the site. Investment Outfitted trucks deliver capabilities to the field. Training Rigorous, on-going and demanding.
 LapTops  Investment  Training