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Scheduled Oil Sampling
To Better Understand SOS Fluid Analysis Reports
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Keep Your Equipment Operating at Peak Performance

Milton Cat SOS Services provide information to help you make maintenance decisions, reduce owning and operating costs, and maximize component life.
SOS services can help you:


             ​ Protect the value of your machine: CAT equipment is built to deliver the highest possible performance throughout its production life. SOS Services can help you maintain performance through your equipments' life cycle.
​Get results fast: SOS Services allow you to test all oils and have results and recommendations available within 24 hours of receipt. Coolant results and recommendations are available within 72 hours of receipt.
Put results into action: SOS results are presented in a clear, concise, easy-to-understand report. Trained personnel provide recommendations or specific, immediate actions on each report. If a critical situation is identified, you will be notified immediately.


Two types of fluid analysis services to choose from:


             ​ ​Oil: The SOS oil analysis tests have been developed by Caterpillar engineers and chemists. Tests such as Elemental Analysis, Oil Cleanliness Analysis, and Oil Condition Analysis are examples of the standard tests offered in the SOS program.
​Coolant: Inadequate cooling system maintenance can eventually lead to system problems or even engine failure. SOS Services offer a two-level coolant program to determine if your coolant has the right chemical balance for maximum system protection and cooling efficiency.


How to take a good sample

Learn more about how to take a good sample by viewing the videos below.


​                    ​                       ​                                      
​Taking a sample using a vacuum pump Taking a live sample