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For the Trenches is a series of short articles developed by experts from the Milton CAT team. With topics ranging from safety to scheduled oil sampling; emission requirements to parts options, these write-ups address issues that are of special interest to both owners and operators of earthmoving equipment.

To view past issues by opening or downloading a PDF, please click on the icon of the issue in which you’re interested.


Does The Part Fit?
Parts purchasing is an area that can take some careful scrutinizing. Many equipment owners and fleet managers are finding out that there are numerous options available to maintain their equipment in good condition, improve their uptime and still cut costs.                           Click to view


How to get the most from your Parts and Service Sales Representative or P.S.S.R.
Meet one person who can make a big difference in terms of your equipment’s owning and operating costs, and who can help you increase your return on investment. Click to view


Want to know what’s available, what’s worthwhile and what works to make sure that the safety responsibility in your company is implemented efficiently and cost-effectively? Read actionable information on how to better handle “Everyone’s #1 Job.”                   Click to view
Machine Evaluations
What you don’t know can really hurt your pocket. A good example – are the machines you’re counting on ready to deliver for you? Find out with a professionally executed, comprehensive machine evaluation. Click to view
Equipment Financing Do’s and Don’ts
Time to expand your line and add a certain machine to your fleet? Asking the right questions may result in opportunities and options you didn’t even know existed. Read on to find out more.                  Click to view
Scheduled Oil Sampling or S•O•S.
Some surprising advice about the appropriate implementation of S•O•S. Do it right or just skip it? Yes, you read it right. Unless you’re committed to adhering to the process, S•O•S will be a waste of time and money.                       Click to view
Emissions regulations – what you should know.
The goal is to help you stay in compliance. The strategy, getting some relevant background information, becoming familiar with the players and the nomenclature, understanding what’s urgent in order to prioritize and learning where to get help. Yes, tighter emission regulations are here to stay. And you can get ready for them.                                      Click to view
A second go-around
A certified rebuild is a cost-effective way to give your productive, older machines a new life – including a like-new standard warranty. High-quality equipment is built to be rebuilt, and high-quality equipment dealers are set-up and authorized by manufacturers to implement this money-saving process.              Click to view
Customer Service Agreements or CSAs
Should you even have one...or would you be better off cutting down on the maintenance services provided by your equipment dealer. Before you make a costly decision, you owe it to yourself to take a good look at the four major weaknesses of in-house maintenance.                            Click to view

Technology in the Field
Equipment has changed. So have the tools in the field to keep it running at its best. This article will detail the latest technologies available to avoid downtime and high maintenance costs.
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Tier 4 - What you need to know.
Learn about the new standards of emissions regulations that went into effect January 1, 2011 – how they will change your equipment, the types of projects they will affect, and what to expect from your equipment dealer.
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GPS, Automation, Machine Control & Guidance – Eliminate Intimidation through Rental
The quickly growing use of Machine Control & Guidance is a testament to the significant increase in the efficiencies and productivity this new technology can provide, but it can be a scary and expensive first step to take. This article talks about how to avoid the risks and feel good about your decision by renting.             
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Need information and access to resources ASAP?
Convenience, efficiency and VIP treatment are the three reasons why you may want to try your dealer’s inside sales team.
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When compliance pays.
Field trial results from the Fluid Power Institute show better fuel efficiency as well as productivity gains are obtained when emission compliance is well implemented. Outcomes can get even better when accompanied by consistent operator training.
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