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PM102 Wheel Undercarriage Cold Planer

Product Description

The new PM102 with a wheel undercarriage combines enhanced production capabilities, optimized performance and simplified service to complete tough milling applications with productive results.

Operating Weight - With Full Water Tank
37705 lb
17100 kg
Shipping Weight - With Empty Water Tank
36160 lb
16400 kg
Operating Specifications
Inside Turn Radius
6.6 ft
2.1 m
Maximum Travel Speed
3.9 mile/h
6.4 km/h
Operating Speed
89 ft/min
27 m/min
Engine Model
C7 with ACERT
Gross Power
225 HP
168 kW
Operating Length - Conveyor Up
35.08 ft
10.7 m
Operating Width
6.5 ft
2 m
Maximum Operating Height
11.17 ft
3.4 m
Minimum Operating Height
7.67 ft
2.38 m
Maximum Truck Clearance
15.58 ft
4.8 m
Shipping Length - Base Machine
17.42 ft
5.33 m
Shipping Maximum Height
10.08 ft
3.1 m
Shipping Width
7.75 ft
2.4 m
Shipping Length - With Conveyor Folded
27.67 ft
8.5 m
Rotor Assembly
Cutting Width
40 in
1000 mm
Maximum Cutting Depth
12 in
305 mm
Number of Cutting Tools
Conveyor System
Collecting Conveyor Speed
827 ft/min
252 m/min
Collecting Conveyor Width
21.6 in
550 mm
Discharge Conveyor Length
20.5 ft
6.3 m
Discharge Conveyor Width
23.6 in
600 mm
Discharge Conveyor Maximum Speed
827 ft/min
252 m/min
Discharge Conveyor Swing - From Center
41 °
41 °
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity
105 gal (US)
400 l
Water Spray System
280 gal (US)
1060 l

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