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Milton CAT to Stay Open Under Essential Business Orders

The State of Vermont has announced that non-essential businesses must suspend in-person business operations. Under the order, Milton CAT operates as essential businesses given our support of construction, transportation/infrastructure and health care. We are following all appropriate distancing and safety measures.
The State of Maine has announced that non-essential business must close their public facing functions. Businesses considered essential in Maine include construction and maintenance of essential infrastructure; trash collection and transfer stations; forest products; pharmacy, health care, and other medical and all utilities. Milton CAT operates within these industries as an essential business.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has announced that all non-essential businesses must close from noon Tuesday, March 24, through April 7. Based upon the detailed list of essential businesses posted by the State, Milton CAT is operating as an essential business due to our Power Systems Rental and Service business (which includes parts support) and our Earthmoving/Construction Equipment Rental and Service business which supports essential construction, waste/sanitation and municipal infrastructure operations.
New York State has announced that all non-essential businesses in the state must keep 100% of their employees at home. However, Milton CAT is classified as an essential business in New York because of our service to the healthcare industry and our service of construction equipment in essential applications.
We anticipate that our other states may follow similar guidelines. We will follow up as this happens.

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