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569 SM Stationary Mount Knuckleboom Loader

Product Description

Caterpillar has a full line of stationary mount loaders for a wide range of mill yard applications. Four models are available with onboard or remote power. Caterpillar stationary mount loaders are completely pre-wired, tested and ready for on-site electric hookup, including installation kits with the required fasteners for mounting to steel or concrete pedestals. And with the Resilient Pad Mounting system, your workday will be productive and comfortable.

Gross Power
100.0 hp
74.6 kW
Operating Specifications
Knuckleboom Length
32.5 ft
9.9 m
Grapple Mounting Knuckle Length
9.0 in
228.6 mm
Swing Bearing Diameter
54.0 in
1371.6 mm
Swing Bearing Gearing
Electric Motor
100.0 hp
74.0 kW
Electric Power Supply
460V: 60Hz; 575V: 60Hz
Swing Speed
7.0 RPM
7.0 RPM
Operating Weight
18945.0 lb
8593.3 kg
Operating Weight
19145.0 lb
8684.0 kg
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank
125.0 gal
473.2 L
Hydraulic System
Cylinders - Live Heel
152 mm X 102 mm (6 in X 4 in)
Cylinders - Main
152 mm X 102 mm (6 in X 4 in)
Cylinders - Stick
178 mm X 102 mm (7 in X 4 in)
Hydraulic Flow
170/204/61 L/min (45/54/16 gpm)
Hydraulic Pressure - Swing
2500.0 psi
17236.9 kPa
Hydraulic Pressure - System
2500.0 psi
17236.9 kPa
Swing Speed
7.0 RPM
7.0 RPM
Maximum reach
36.0 ft
11.0 m
Standard Boom Length
32.5 ft
9906.0 mm
Optional Boom Length
36.0 ft
10972.8 mm

Standard Equipment

Motor Power Supply
Hydraulic System

Optional Equipment

575 Volt (60 Hz) Electric Power Supply
Non-Continuous Limited Rotation
Oil Reservoir Heater
10.2 m (33’6”) Live Heel Boom
10.9 m (36') Knuckleboom
30.5 cm (12”) Grapple Mounting Knuckle
Single “V” Heel
Double “VV” Heel
Air Conditioner
Concrete Mounting
30” Subframe Riser Mounting

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